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Trade Better using our intuitive TCA, trade analytics and recommendation platform.

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The Spacetime team is pleased to announce the latest release of our TradeFabric platform.
Learn more about how we are transforming analytics and trading workflows. See our press release here


See More, Trade Better.

Better Than Best Practice

TCA and Best Ex Solutions that exceed internal and regulatory requirements.

Faster Answers

Interactive and intuitive analytics that save you time and put an end to Excel and PDF cut and paste.

Unique Real-time Analytics & Alerts

 Find problems and opportunities during your trade – not after the close.

Share, Your Way

Adaptive front end, flexible PDF reporting and full-featured API for integration with in-house systems and vendors.


Markets are increasingly complex and difficult to navigate

Machine Driven Markets

Hidden Order Impacts

Sophisticated Competition

High Performance Expectations

Diverse Execution Options

Expanding Technology Spend

Multiple Trading Systems

Legacy Analysis and Reporting Tools

High Volume & Noisy Market Data


Distil Complex Markets Into Actionable Insights


Advanced data discovery tools with interactive filtering let you actively analyze & investigate your data.

Statistical TCA identifies real trends in your data and makes sure comparisons are meaningful.

Clear and intuitive visualizations make it easy to quickly understand trade performance.

Unique relative performance metrics put performance into context, highlighting whether performance was good or bad.


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